Patterns of Industrial and specialization along the Northern Border

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Pacific, Basin, USA, Border, Competitiveness


The second half of the 20th century has produced a substantial modification in the economies of almost all the world's countries (including hoth industrialized and developing nations) due, in part, to changes which international commerce has undergone. This, in turn, is the result of the search for market hegemony which can be ohtained through cornpetitive advantages. This has caused patterns of industrialization, that were common as recently as the 70's, to undergo restructuring, thus producing changes in company productivity and efficiency levels and creating regional specialization. Mexico has not escaped this phenomenon. This is particularly true along the northern border where an accelerated process of economic and industrial restructuring is taking place.

The main objective of this discussion is to demonstrate the characteristics that this restructuring has adopted a long the northern border where it is evident that a phenomenon of industrial specialization has heen born. Furthermore, we intend to analyze the relation between this specialization and the pattern of industrialization within this region.

To do this, we will first present a brief discussion ahout the nature of international competitiveness in Mexico. Then, we will include a brief reflection ahout competitive experiences of other countries ami their relation with the factors of localization and productive specialization. Finally, we will provide evidence of this specialization a long the northern border and discuss the industrialization policies of Mexico and provide a summary of this paper.